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Introduction to Ubuntu 19.04

Hello Guys, Canonical has released the new version of Ubuntu 19.04 on 18 April, 2019. Lets see the information of this brand new OS. Ubuntu 19.04 (Disco Dingo) is the latest release which has official support until January 2020 as declared by the Canonical. So if you want to use it for long term then

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How to Install Code Blocks on Ubuntu

Hello Guys, You all know that if we want to compile and execute C, C++ programs, we need a compiler, editor but see its very difficult to use compilers and editors separately. So I will here discuss the Code Block IDE to run C, C++ programs. So lets see. What is Code Blocks? Code::Blocks is

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Welcome to my blog. Here you will get all the study material, technology updates, general tricks, etc. So stay tuned on my blog!! Good Day!!

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